An average geek’s cliff notes for Smartphones


It’s not unusual for one to be in any part of the world and NOT hear the word Smartphone almost everyday. They are ubiquitous and are here to make their presence felt in almost every sphere of our lives. Unlike what some people believe that Smartphones are for that corporate honcho, crisply dressed in a suit and with a hands-free stuck inside his ear 24×7, is in for a pleasant surprise.

To choose one from the pure awesomeness out there is clearly a mammoth task

Gone are the days when Blackberry or Communicators were launched and aimed at a fixed crowd. Technology has caught up with us or rather it’s the other way around. Today, each one of us wants a share, want to share and see what others have shared.

Through this article I aim to simplify the basic Smartphone specifications and help narrow down the options when finally buying one. I will use analogies, comparisons and basic terminologies used in describing Smartphones for the ease of understanding.


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